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No more dry or frizzy hair, no brassy highlights or certainly no green hues in your hair this summer.

Sun, salt, heat and chlorine are the enemies when it comes to your hair and you should do whatever you can to defend it.

Chlorine can dry out your hair and cause a green cast, especially on blond hair. So before getting into the pool, spray a leave in waterproof nutritive with a KPF 90, designed to provide all day protection and will not absorb too much chlorine. After Swimming, rinse your hair and spray a no rinse moisturizing conditioner. The heat o the sun will help to penetrate the product and hydrate your hair.

Wash your hair with a nourishing after sun shampoo which gently removes salt and chlorine to provide hair with nourishment and restructuring elements. Coloured hair is especially at risk from sun damage because the colouring process stresses the hair fibre making it dry and porous. So make sure that you condition your hair regularly to seal the cuticle and keep it shiny. To keep your colour from fading and becoming brassy use a leave-in no rinse conditioning and moisturizing Fluid with the KPF-90. It will help to keep your colour from fading. Sun damaged hair can also absorb more colour. So when you visit the salon your stylist may recommend that you go with a lighter colour than usual so that you don’t walk out with your hair looking to dark. Summer is also the time for the dreaded frizzes.

Frizz is a sign of damaged hair and often the best thing to do is to see your stylist for regular trims. Better yet restrict your time in the sun, wear your hair up, or wear a beautiful hat for protection. If you are not a hat person, then make sure you apply conditioner with KPF-90 for protection. Leave-in conditioner is great if you are planning to blow dry your hair or using a straightening iron. But in the summer, your hair is getting more than enough heat stress, so when possible, let it dry naturally.

During the summer you have to be gentler with your hair. Wash it less often and use a gentle moisturizing shampoo. Go easy on the hot water; a warm or cool shower is better for your hair—-and your skin. Use conditioner regularly and end with a cool rinse. Then when September comes, see your stylist to get your colour and your cut back in shape.

For sixteen years, our staff at Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre is highly trained and experienced in the newest styling techniques, permanents, coloring, make-up, bone structure, and everything you need to feel like yourself. We understand the anxiety and uncertainty associated with the experience of hair loss, we realize that each client is unique and requires individual and custom solutions to fit their life style, budge and the look they wish to achieve.

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