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improper hair careAre you confused as to why your hair is falling out? You eat a nutrient-rich diet, don’t experience too much stress, enjoy good health, have no family history of hair loss and take pride in your hair. Turns out, all that time and effort you are putting into your hair care may in fact be what is contributing to your hair loss. To find out if any of this applies to you, keep reading. And don’t worry if you identify with any of these practices, there are many hair solutions out there to help fix the problem.

Hair Treatments

Although chemical treatments are generally safe, they can cause hair loss if they are used improperly or overused. Examples of treatments include bleaching, perms, dying, tinting and straightening. They can damage and strain hair by making the hair fibers brittle. If you notice that your hair is becoming weak and breaking, stop your hair home treatments and let it grow out a while. Leave the treatments to a qualified stylist who will choose chemicals that best suit your hair type and needs.

Excessive Styling

Some of our favorite and most traditional hairstyles have been proven to harm our hair. Tight braids, ponytails and curling rollers can pull on the scalp and cause your hair line to recede, which leads to hair loss. Excessive pulling of the hair is called traction alopecia. At its worst, it causes permanent damage to hair roots and scars your scalp, which does lead to permanent hair loss. If you have scarring, there are solutions. Try an attractive new look with a hair wig or consult a professional about hair replacement treatments.

Hair Products

With so many over-the-counter hair products pervasively available in today’s market, it’s easy to get sucked into thinking you should be using them. The problem with some styling products is the chemicals they contain. These can irritate the scalp, dry hair and clog hair follicles. Gels, creams and hairspray are often culprits. To be on the safe side,trichologist about which products are safe to use. Take a look, as well, at the type of shampoo you use everyday. Some shampoos can be harsh on your hair, stripping it of moisture and causing split ends.  The best shampoos are the mildest ones, often labeled for everyday use.  Organic shampoos are a natural alternative and they are becoming more and more popular. At our centre’s you will find a large selection of natural products free of silicones, parabens and sulphates.


Improper hair care is something you can quickly and easily correct. Stop harmful hair treatments and let your hair grow. Keep your hair healthy by getting regular hair cuts. Use safe hair products.  You may even experiment with hair loss prevention products. Solving your hair loss problem may be a little trickier; however, if scarring of your scalp has caused permanent hair loss.  But even if that’s the case, don’t despair! There are many effective options available to you.  At www.trulyyou.ca you will find a wealth of information about hair solutions, such as hair wigs and hair replacement treatments.

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