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Reactional Hair Loss

Hair loss is a major problem in todays worls and affects people of every age. At Capilia Truly You we offer solutions to all types of hair loss and hair thinning.

The hair solutions our Centre offers are based on decades of pharmaceutical tests and studies. For many people suffering with hair loss an hair thinning, the causes are often unknown to them. Below we have identified the major disorders as well as some solutions.

Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopcia is a hair disorder that causes the hair to become thin and in some cases can cause a person to become bald. Scientific studies have shown that 95% of hair loss can be attributed to androgenetic alopecia. At Capilia Truly You we have several solutions to Androgenetic Alopecia that range from strengthening existing hair and prolonging its life, to offerring full or partial hair prosthesis’ that will address the areas of concern. Your consultant at Capilia Truly You will determine which program is best suited to your particular hair loss scenario.

Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata is another form of hair loss that can be traced as an autoimmune illness. This ailment can affect not only the old but also all people in different ages. The immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the hair follicles which are affected by the disease. As a result, the hair ceases to grow in the attacked area which causes bald spots. When not taken cared off immediately, this could result to permanent hair loss. Even if this disease does not prove fatal, it is definitely life changing. Imagine living the rest of your life without hair. Truly You Hair Solution Centre can help you battle this ailment by providing the right choices of hair solutions for preventive and treatment procedures.

Cicatricial Alopecia

On the other hand, this type of hair ailment is one of the worst. It causes hair loss by attacking your hair follicles causing the hair to fall off in big lumps. There are a lot of causes for getting this type of ailment and Truly You Hair Solution Centre is there to help you sort out this problem. Just by visiting their clinic, you can select from a wide variety of treatment procedures and hair loss replacement services.

Aside from these ailments, there are still numerous causes for loss of hair. Truly You Hair Solution Centre has the answer for all of these problems, whatever the causes may be. Whether the problem is just occurring or is already in a critical stage, Truly You Hair Solution Centre has the answer for all of these. You can choose from a wide variety of treatments from preventive to comfort programs to stylish and unrecognizable hair wigs. Just visit any of their clinics and their friendly consultants would be glad to assist you in all confidentiality.

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