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Reactional Hair Loss

Hair loss can come form various causes and getting to know these causes can help you prevent them or do something about it even when the ailment seems to be irreversible. But you cannot do this on your own.
You need an expert in hair solutions and hair loss replacement techniques to deal with the loss of hair once and for all.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre is the answer to all your hair loss concerns. They offer a wide variety of services and sell the most undistinguishable hair wigs for you to be able to act normal around people while battling your hair loss problems.

When getting into one of the consultancy sessions of the clinic, they will be asking you certain sets of questions which they, will in turn use to make a diagnosis and come up with a solution to your problem. The most common causes of hair loss to date are hereditary. Genetic hair loss cannot be prevented, but can be minimized. It can also be dealt with in alternative ways. But before you go into the details of your genetic ailment, you first must understand how genes affect the growth and loss of your hair.

Through the years, genetic hair loss is often pointed to the male hormone testosterone. But recent studies have proven that the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the one responsible for loss of hair. We have to take note that the male hormone is not exclusively present in men alone, but small amounts are also traced to women. Thus, it is safe to conclude that men and women alike can be a victim of genetic hair loss.

Severe production of DHT has two main effects on hair follicles. The first one is that it tends to slow down the growth of new hair because the DHT blocks all the nutrients and proteins that are needed by the hair follicle to produce hair. As a result, the growing of hair is suspended for longer periods than usual. The second and perhaps the major effect of DHT is that it shrinks the hair follicles, making it impossible to produce new hair. The end result of this is that the hair in our scalp that falls off due to certain factors like stress and old age are not replaced by the hair follicles anymore.

It is recommended that we pay visit to reliable clinics in order for our scalp to get examined and prevent the future loss of hair due to DHT. Truly You Hair Solution Centre doe not only provide hair solutions like hair wigs and other hair loss replacement programs, but also has the state-of-the-art Capilla scope which is a micro camera designed to analyze the hair, its roots and scalp to pinpoint the problems which cause loss of hair and provide an alternative procedure or treatment to battle this condition before it gets worse. The clinic will provide a satisfactory service and some expert advice with regards to your hair and scalp issues to make sure you deal with this problem the right way.

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