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Fashion Forward

Initially, our clients with thin hair may have reservations about certain hair replacement options such as wigs, hair pieces, topical cosmetic fibers and hair preventative treatments. Will people be able to tell? Do they really work? In additions to their scepticism, some female consumer may be embarrassed about using some of these products to battle their hair loss challenges simply because they associate them with balding, rather than with their naturally thinning hair.

The majority of women will begin to experience some form of hair loss by age 50…..which, by the way is the new 30. Thankfully, for the sceptics, there is an alternative treatment for adding volume to thin hair. It is semi-permanent, visually undetectable, and works every time. It is also the hottest thing among Hollywood celebrities. The solution? There are two: hair extensions or hair integration!!

Hair Thinning

Women experience thinning hair due to a number of reasons such as menopause, stress, medical or genetics to mention a few. However, in our increasingly image-conscious culture, this does not change their desire to look fabulous! Fortunately for these women, most cases of thinning hair are different than traditional male pattern baldness. Naturally thin hair for women is usually consistent throughout the entire scalp. This provides an ideal condition for attaching hair extensions or hair integration, as the existing hair serves as an anchor point to attach the extensions to. Endless volume can be created simply by adding more hair.

For some of our female hair replacement clients, the benefits of hair extensions can surpass those other options. Many women do not want something as drastic as a wig, while others may not want to hassle with applying topical solutions with hair fibers. Hair extensions are a more permanent and discreet way to adding volume to thin hair. Besides their user-friendly appeal, extensions/integration also allow for various hair styling options because they are treated like natural hair. And, with so many colours and textures to choose from, extensions provide an endless number of creative styles such as adding highlights, lowlights, length and volume.

We Can Help

For sixteen years, Capilia by Truly You Hair Solution Centre has been assisting women and children with different types of hair loss to regain their self confidence. Our centre in Mississauga understands the anxiety and uncertainly associated with the experience of hair loss, we realize that each client is unique and requires individual and custom solutions for their lifestyle, budge and the look they wish to achieve. Our clients are from the Greater Toronto Area, namely Mississauga, Streetsville, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Milton and Burlington. For further information please look through our website or you can reach us at (905) 821 1092

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