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Reactional Hair Loss

Hair loss can be traced from a number of causes. They can be a simple one or might be the cause of a severe ailment.

But, whatever the ailment may be, there is one clinic that can help you battle the signs and hair loss – Truly You Hair Solution Centre.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre offers an extensive selection of hair solutions and hair loss replacement programs unlike any other clinics or centers out there in the market today. You can choose from their various programs which have one which is perfectly designed for you. Aside from that, they also offer various designs of hair wigs and other hair replacements which cannot be told apart from the real hair.

But going to a clinic is being a step ahead of the right procedure you are undergoing to battle hair loss. First, you need to know the different causes of loss of hair in order for you to answer queries from the clinic with all your knowledge. One of the major causes of hair loss could be due to your body’s reaction to treatments for grave illnesses. And the most popular treatment that is always associated to loss of hair is the procedure called chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy is a very powerful treatment which is used to treat most cancer patients. The loss of hair is one of the side effects of this treatment for the procedure is done by eradicating the cancer cells and this is done by poisoning them. When the poison hits the cancer cells, it is very probable that the hair follicles also get poisoned which ultimately leads to the loss of hair. Depending on the severity of the cancer and the potency of the chemotherapy, a person could suffer from temporary hair loss or permanent hair loss. Before the procedure of chemotherapy is started the oncologists will inform the patient as to what type of hair loss will they be suffering from.

After the first session of chemotherapy, the hair will begin to fall off within two weeks. If the hair loss is said to be temporary, your hair will be able to grow back approximately four months after the last chemotherapy session. Some of the side effects when loss of hair has begun are dry and sensitive scalp. This results to an itching sensation in the scalp, and there are certain medications that will be prescribed to make it go away.

Chemotherapy is a long process and in between, while you suffer from hair loss, you can contact Truly You Hair Solution Centre to help you with your needs. Their hair loss replacement programs such as the comfort program and their hair solutions such as hair wigs will be of great help as you go through this battle for life. You need not to worry about anything when visiting their clinics because all conversations are purely confidential and the support you will get from the staff is very satisfactory.

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