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A few words about the Capilia Infinity Approach

Many people are concerned with how soon they will see results after a hair transplant, and rightly so. Keep in mind that ever patient is different and hair will start to grow at different times. This is the reason why hair transplant patients see some good growth on one side of their head and not the other. Rest assured – this is perfectly normal.

Our Capilia specialist will walk you through the process and simulate your look after the transplant. With more than 20 years experience behind us, we will ensure that the recommended solution we propose is well-suited with your needs by carrying out the following tests:

  • Measuring the extent of the loss of hair
  • Evaluating the quality and density of the donor hair
  • Understanding your expectations and determining the number of sessions you require to achieve the necessary results.

You will also enjoy the benefits of a fully comprehensive approach that takes your physical and psychological well-being into consideration. You will be accompanied at every stage of the treatment by a team of surgeons, technicians and hair replacement experts who will look after after your every need.

If you choose the transplant solutions, we will direct you to the nearest authorized Capilia Hair Transplant Centre equipped with a full team of specialists at your disposal in a friendly, calm and restful spa like atmosphere that makes it easy for you to relax.

You will not have any surprises with the Capilia Infinity Approach. Our complete procedure puts the emphasis on the desired result, determined with you at the time of your evaluations meeting. Because the final result is what truly counts for you, our unique method will show you right away what you will look like once the transplanted hair has grown back.

At Capilia, our techniques for hair transplants are quite unique. Each session is optimized by removing as many grafts as possible depending on the density of the donor area. No two individuals are the same. All grafts taken during a session are redistributed, thus accelerating the whole process.

REMEMBER: A genetic predisposition does not automatically mean that you will go bald. It does point out that you could be vulnerable to hair loss if certain factors, such as stress, are triggered, but having a history of hair loss does not necessarily mean hopelessness. Help is available. Call our hair transplant clinic today to book your consultation.

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