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Hair loss – The silent epidemic and what you can do about it

Hair loss

The first reaction to the realization that one is losing their hair is usually denial.  After all, who wants to face what is often the first sign of aging, not to mention a loss of a feature that is generally considered key to one’s attractiveness.  Not surprisingly, experts say that denial is precisely the wrong reaction.  It’s recommended that both women and men seek treatment as soon as they notice hair loss.

Are You A Woman Suffering From Fine Thin Hair!

Hair play’s a significant role in a woman’s life.  On an average a woman will spend approx. $2,000.00 a year on her hair.  Our own hair is one of the first and last things we attend to before a meeting or a social engagement.  Hair can either make our day or cancer an outing because the humidity on a  hot day is going to flatten your carefully arranged hair style and that thin area of hair you have is going to show through. Thinning hair, especially when severe, often profoundly affects the lives of those afflicted.  Several hair los evokes not only cosmetic concerns but may also evoke feelings of vulnerability, loss of self esteem, alterations in self-image and social life, and perhaps, even self-identity.

Hair thinning is common, among otherwise healthy women, and can begin in women as early as their twenties.  Women need to better understand various reasons why hair loss occurs and seek treatment options that are proven to work.

It is important for anyone experiencing hair loss to remember that she is not alone, that one of every four women will experience hair thinning and in some cases hair loss during their lifetime.   She needs to confront her hair loss and take action to safely regain control of her appearance and self-esteem.
Female hair loss does not progress the same way it does with men.  You do not see the same ‘male pattern baldness’ with thinning crown and receding temples.  It is more likely to be a diffused thing in the crown and frontal area that could go unnoticed for years.

What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

Most cases of balding or permanent hair loss result from genetic disposition or hereditary influences. Temporary hair los or hair shedding can result from poor nutrition, extreme weight loss or gain, medications, thyroid condition, hormonal changes; vitamin deficiency.  Physical or emotional stress, illness, high fever, and pregnancy also will cause temporary hair loss.  In these cases full regrowth should be expected.

So What Can You Do?

Hair loss caused by medical conditions, medications or stress is often treatable and reversible. Your hair may return on its own.  Although hair loss in women caused by aging and heredity is usually permanent, and you may wish to do the following.

1.  Medical Assistance:  See your family doctor or a Dermatologist to determine if any of the above reasons are contributing to your thinning hair.
2.  Prevention first:  Today you will find a full range of hair loss prevention solutions.  Starting with a scalp analysis followed by a scalp treatment program to stimulate your scalp and increase blood circulation, revitalizing your hair follicles and potentially leading to the release of dormant hair.  And finishing with the latest laser phototherapy technology, known as HairMax assisting in cell duplication, increasing the strength and size of the fine terminal hair

3.  Micro-Follicular Hair Transplantation:  A procedure that puts the emphasis on a desire result.  Hair transplant surgery can be both costly and painful.  This solution is ideal for men but may be unsuitable to women because of the diffused pattern.  Chances are that the nearby fair follicles might be damage and traumatized. 



4.  Hair Alternatives:  A temporary and permanent method designed to add just enough coverage and volume that blends with your existing hair.  Ideal for the woman who wants to be free to pursue her busy life and get back that hair she once had.  Our clients say the feeling of more hair cannot be put into words.  The hair alternative has given them a sense of confidence, a renewed sense of self, and a more positive outlook.


Don’t suffer in silence!  There are many options available to suit your type of thin fine hair, your lifestyle and your budget.

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