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  • Pure silk is breathable.  It sleeps cool for hot sleepers. It feels soothing to inflamed skin like acne or rosacea.
  • Real silk is non absorbent. Night time skincare stays on your skin and actually works better.
  • 100% silk has unmatched slip and glide. Less pulling, tugging and creasing on the delicate skin of the face.  It’s calming and soothing to sensitive scalps.
  • Authentic silk keeps the hair shaft smoother. Hair has more shine and less bedhead, frizz, and split ends.
  • Real silk provides the most support for thinning hair and hair extensions. It reduces night time hair breakage.
  • Curly hair has a better shaped curl. Straight hair stays smoother.  Hairstyles need less touch up in the morning.
  • Sleeping on real silk is the only choice for lash extensions. It helps them look better for longer and they wear more evenly.


“This pillowcase feels ‘beautiful’; that’s the only word I can use to 
describe it. My hair is curlier and has more volume now.” Jerri


  • We only use pure, 100% real silk.  No cotton is blended into our silk to make it more affordable.  Our aim is the highest quality and best performance.
  • This is the best designed silk pillowcase in the world, to keep beauty sleep restful and uninterrupted.
  • The soft bamboo back panel keep your pillow from moving around on the bed, under your head.
  • The secret bamboo panel under the silk keeps this pillowcase securely on the pillow.
  • When turned inside out, the soft bamboo fabric panels protect your real silk for packing and washing.
  • Bamboo is unmatched in sustainability so it’s an environmentally responsible fabric choice.
  • Therapie only uses natural un-dyed white silk. Dye does no favors to your hair, skin or lash extensions.  Why have it in an essential beauty tool?
  • Natural un-dyed white silk goes with everything. It has an incredible iridescence – like an ocean pearl.
  • Therapie uses only 100% pure Mulberry silk in 16 momme. This weight has the best feel for skin and hair; it’s the best weight for an essential beauty tool.
  • This is the only silk pillowcase designed by a beauty expert, to maximize beauty benefits.


  • Our embossed, keepsake Therapie tin is the most beautiful package of any silk pillowcase on the market.
  • Our beautiful tin can be repurposed as a little storage container for anything from cookies, to paper clips, to jewelry.
  • It is made from aluminum, which is eco friendly and recyclable.
  • This packaging is unforgettable and designed to delight.
  • Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase makes an amazing gift of luxury and beauty, not just for the superior designed pure silk pillowcase inside.

Therapie - Beauty Sleep

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