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Struggling to grow your hair?

Hair Fact is an evidence based, nutritional cyclical therapy, designed to help strengthen hair follicles.

Hair Growth

Hair Growth is influenced through multiple conditions such as nutritional deficiencies, stress, environmental changes and many more. All follicle roots, as a result of both internal and external causes, can become susceptible to the effects of hormone levels, resulting in hair loss and a reduced regrowth phase- commonly referred to as cyclical thinning or gradual baldness. With each hair cycle, 5- 10% of the hair complete the fallout phase and never grows back.

Cyclical Therapy

A comprehensive protocol crafted and directed specifically for hair regrowth, this holistic approach combines both vitamins and herbal combinations to improve the efficacy of treatment.

In order to prevent wastage, overdose, and interaction of nutrients, Grace Biogen has formulated a course of 6 oral supplements given twice a weekly to provide the correct amount of micro nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure each dose offers maximum sufficiency. Cyclical therapy uses a unique combination of two nutritional formulations per day over a three day cycle to cover six nutritional supplements. Low dose distribution enhances efficiency and assures safety.

This three prong approach invites the hair into the growth phase, providing the nutrition required for rapid cell division to create new anagen hair and maintain scalp hygiene.

Cyclical therapy also accommodates the use of such stimulants as Grace Tricho Gel, and LLLT (Laser Therapy), along with topicals that maintain a clean and healthy scalp. Often results can be seen in the first 4 month cycle.

Ask our Trichologist at Truly You how Hair Fact Cyclical Vitamin therapy can be incorporated into your hair loss prevention program for better results!

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