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Don’t suffer in Silence…

You are not alone.  1 out of 4 women and 3 out of 4 men will experience hair-loss during their life time, most of them suffering in silence.

What are the psychological effects of hair loss?.

The evidence confirms that the experience of hair loss is psychologically damaging, causing intense emotional suffering, and often leading to personal, social, and work-related problems.

For women, men and children that have not achieved results from hair loss therapies,  or where medical therapies are not available, custom hair and scalp replacement is the ideal solution.

At Truly You Hair and Scalp Clinic we offer two categories of hair replacement: CNC 3D printed hair system from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories and our Hair Enhancement custom solutions.

Why 3D printed hair?

The CNC system, is a natural hair thickening system, that consists of producing a “second scalp”, a clone membrane personalized by each patients needs and characteristics. Once the model has been produced, which highlights the morphology and the contours of the area that will ‘replaced’, an ‘epithesis” or clone membrane is produced. The base of the clone membrane is constituted by a special polymer resin that has been dermatologically tested and designed to provide comfort and stability. Natural human hair is selected from donors with high-grade hair and with similar hair characteristics to those of the client. The hair is sewn by hand, one by one, with precise distribution, inclination and direction of the client’s natural hair. Once completed, the clone membrane is integrated onto the scalp using a special medical adhesive, dermatologically tested at the Cosmetology Centre at the University of Ferrara.

Why Hair Enhancement’s?

Hair loss looks different with each person and each reason for hair loss is treated differently. Dermatologists may be able to treat or stabilize certain types of scaring alopecia, and Alopecia Areata but may not have solutions for Androgenetic Alopecia other than the use of Rogaine. And in some cases, men and women do not make ideal candidates for hair transplants.

Our Hair Enhancement Collections are 100% human hair and natural in appearance. An amazing solution for women and men with fine or thin hair that want to regain what they lost due to a hereditary predisposition, medication, age pro health complications of any kind. Hair Enhancements are an affordable alternative and available to address all forms of hair loss in men women and children.


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    Private Consultation

    Are you seeking hair strengthening therapy in Toronto that actually works? Visit Truly You for  your free and private consultation today. At your initial consult for hair strengthening therapy outside Toronto, you are provided with hair regrowth therapy customized for you. Based on a scalp analysis or a tricho-test, our experts can accurately determine what kind of solutions and hair strengthening products found in Toronto are ideal for your specific issue.


    Wig Order

    After your free and private consultation, our experts will help you develop your program and order your wig alongside the necessary hair regrowth products from our Toronto area location. Every day, clients visit for our world renowned trichologists and hair strengthening therapy from Etobicoke and all over the world. Do not miss your chance to scour the best collection of wigs and hair strengthening products near Etobicoke.


    Wig Styling

    Once you have found the products, solutions and wig of your dreams, our experts will spend two hours with you to properly fit, style and adjust your wig and cap. Find comfort and confidence before heading home with complete instructions for care and a wig care kit. If you are looking for styling of other hair pieces, do not worry. You are just a short drive from Etobicoke for hair regrowth therapy that is celebrated internationally.


    Follow Up

    Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic is devoted to supporting our clients and their impeccable new hair even after their purchase has been made. One week following your application and styling, we compassionately follow up with all clients to ensure that every product is meeting your standards, to answer any questions that may have come up in the interim, and to offer support and information of further hair loss solutions.

    Our hair strengthening and growth

    Come to Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic today for the highest quality hair regrowth products near Etobicoke. Where there is hair there is hope! Our wig and topper collection is unbeatable, and our customer service, trust and compassion for the struggles caused by hair loss is unprecedented in the industry. At Truly You Hair & Scalp Clinic, we take care of our clients. Contact us today for more information.