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Wigs for Kids

Not every child going through cancer treatments will require or want a wig, but having the opportunity to make that choice will give that child the confidence to socialize with their friends and give them their self esteem back.

For a child under 7 many times she may ask if she could have a wig but she may never wear it.
But having that wig with her gives her hope that her hair will come back after her treatment.

For this situation it would be best for her to have a synthetic wig which is more cost effective.





Wigs for Teenagers

For Teenager 12 years old an up, they love to play with their hair and will want to style it in many different ways. For these young girls, having a human hair wig will give them the feeling they have their hair back and be just like their friends. A human hair wig will give them self-confidence to also attend school and continue their life as normal as possible.




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