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Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

There are a lot of people who suffer from hair loss, men and women alike and most of them are unaware of the different hair solutions available to battle this predicament.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre has all the necessary tools, intelligent, courteous and experienced staff to inform you about various hair loss replacement techniques and programs. Aside from the extensive alternatives and hair solutions for hair loss, they also are selling quality and close to real hair wigs, and rest assured there will be one that would fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre has hair loss replacement procedures that were scientifically studied and are proven effective in treating loss of hair. They offer a wide variety of programs and treatments that are applicable to men, women and children alike. Through the years of service, Truly You Hair Solution Centre has rendered quality hair loss treatments to thousands of their clients and all of them are truly satisfied with the services they have received from Truly You.

Some of the programs that are offered by Truly You Hair Solution Centre are as follows: the Preventative Program which is suitable for hair loss reactions and the early symptoms of loss of hair. They also provide the Comfort Program where the procedure is designed to treat hair loss due to Radiation treatments and Chemotherapy. Truly You Hair Solution Centre also offers the Trapeze Program which is specially designed for people who suffer form immune and genetic hair loss; the Expression Program which offers alternative services for hair salon treatments and hair extensions; and finally, the Virtuoso Program which is specifically designed for men who suffer from genetic loss of hair.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre offers the most extensive selection of hair wigs for men, women and even children who suffer from loss of hair, whatever the cause maybe. Whether it is a temporary or permanent hair loss solution, there is a wig that is right for every one.

There are a lot of types of hair wigs that Truly You Hair Solution Centre offers and one of them are the synthetic hair wigs. These hair solutions are made from modacrylic fiber which is practically unrecognizable from real hair. These wigs are easy to maintain and clean, and they can be styled by professional wig experts to match your needs. When using this type of wig, experts advise not to expose these in too much heat like curling irons and blow dryers for they might get damaged. This type of hair wig is ideal for people who suffer from impermanent hair loss.

Truly You Hair Solution Centre not only solves your hair loss problems but they also do it in a purely confidential manner. When you visit their clinics, an experienced hair consultant will discuss matters with you in one of the private rooms they have built for their customers. This is to make sure that the confidentiality of all the information you give to them are kept.

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