Trapeze: Hair Loss Correction

Trapeze Program: For women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss


Beauty is but one of many elements that comprise a woman’s life, yet one of the most important by which she is judged. In fact, appearance has become important in all our lives. In an era of Anti-aging for both men and women, an attractive, youthful appearance which includes a full head of healthy hair, can provide the confidence needed to fully develop our personalities, and to motivate us to excel. In short, it can be crucial to our success in our social life and in our careers.

Are women losing more hair than men?

Did you know that one in four women in Canada experiences hereditary hair loss? It takes most women by surprise and the effects can be embarrassing and depressing.

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The Beauty Taboo

Confronting the stigma of hair loss poses considerable psychological and emotional challenges for both men and women. For every five men with hereditary hair loss, three women experience the same condition. Yet women’s hair thinning remains a “taboo” subject for the media, the public and the woman herself. Women will talk to their friends about their beauty enhancements, but will not talk about her thinning hair concerns.

Hair thinning is common, among otherwise healthy women, and can begin in women as early as their twenties. Women need to better understand the various reasons why hair loss occurs and seek treatment options available to them. Thinning hair and hair loss can have a profound effect on self-image and self-confidence, causing women to feel unattractive, embarrassed and helpless.

It is important for anyone experiencing hair loss to remember that they are not alone, to confront their hair loss and take action to safely regain control of their appearance and self-esteem.

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Our Trapeze Program is an all–inclusive nonsurgical hair replacement program is ideal to achieve the right amount of hair enhancement in the areas of concern while preserving existing hair.

Women lose their hair in various patterns

balding patternsWomen tend to lose their hair in combinations of various patterns and progressions. Some women notice their hair loss beginning in the anterior or mid-scalp region, a few inches behind the hairline. In other women, it is the hairline itself that begins to thin, but there is rarely a true recession as there is with men; rather, the thinning seems to occur randomly throughout the first inch or so of hair without the orderly recession pattern that is characteristic of most male-pattern baldness. As well, very few women experience recession at the temples, whereas most men do.

How do we achieve a head of hair?

The different progression of hair loss in women makes a singular approach challenging. How could one solution that helps establish a frontal hairline also work for diffused hair loss all over the top of the scalp? The Trapeze program is a process of adding to your existing hair, rather than covering it up, as a wig would do. It allows adding hair to thinning areas and replacing hair in areas where there may be none left. The amount of hair that is supplemented can come in whatever proportions it takes to cosmetically solve your hair loss problem.

If you are a woman with diffused or localized hair loss who wishes to get the look she once had ­ while continuing to lead an active lifestyle without having to worry about her hair, then the Trapeze program is made for you.

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Truly You is a full service hair replacement and restoration center, providing all proven forms of hair restoration and replacement solutions for men, women and children for over 20 years, our caring, confidential hair loss counseling provides clients with the ability to make a fully informed decision on which hair loss treatment options are best for their particular hair loss problem.

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