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Is your scalp talking to you? Listen!

  • Androgenetic hair loss
  • Cradle cap
  • Dry, brittle or dull hair
  • Dry or oily scalp or have dandruff
  • Eczema, psoriasis
  • Hair loss after pregnancy
  • Itchy scalp
  • Oily or dry scalp
  • Seasonal shedding (spring and fall)

Do you suffer from one of these ailments? Have you noticed your hair thinning or excessive hair loss? Whatever your scalp needs, they can be treated with the specifically designed Head First Preventative Program.

Helping you keep the hair that you still have.

What is the TrulyYou Head First prevention program?

Now you can reap the benefits of maintaining the health and life of your existing hair with our Head First Preventative Program

For 30+ years, Térapo Médik and Rene Furterer have developed a unique method of hair and scalp therapy, proven effective in promoting the regeneration of living hair cells.

oily roots with dandruffWith the Head First Prevention Treatments – 85% of those with hair can help maintain the health, fullness and strength of their existing hair.
Researchers have identified the main cause of baldness and hair loss. 95% of hair loss is genetically based or Androgenetic; the remaining 5% of cases have a multitude of different causes.

An androgenetic problem occurs inside the hair follicle whenever the male hormone testosterone comes in contact with a protein and is transformed into (DHT) dihydro-testosterone, which is sebogenic.

A sebogenic element creates seborrhea, whereby grease and scales solidify into a deposit or build-up, inhibiting the growth of a new hair follicle of a size comparable to the one it replaces.

The Head First program combines cabin treatments, laser therapy and home care that work in synergy to treat scalp ailments and reverse or stabilize the progression of your hair loss.

STEP 1 : Scalp & Hair Analysis

Picture of us using a micro camera
Using a state-of-the-art micro camera, we will perform a complete capillary assessment and an analysis of your scalp using a sophisticated micro camera and unique software in order to identify the cause of your scalp ailment and/ or hair loss. Our software will be able to track your progress over the 9-12 month period.

STEP 2 : Treatment plan

Your personalized Head First program will combine cabin treatments, laser therapy and home treatments.
The main objective of the cabin and home treatments is to purify and detoxify your scalp and hair funnels by eliminating impurities and sebum that block the vital development of your hair. Laser therapy will be used to invigorate the weakened capillary follicles in order to stimulate hair growth. The treatments and laser therapy will work in synergy to reverse or stabilize the progression of your scalp ailment and/or hair loss.

STEP 3 : Follow-up

A Truly You Specialist, accredited in the Laboratoire Nature Trichology approach, will follow the progression of your treatments and will take images of your scalp every three months in order for you to see the results for yourself and for the Trichologist to adjust the treatments if necessary.

What is Hair Hygiene?

hair hygieneEssentially, the scalp has many sebaceous and sweat glands. In fact the scalp is said to be one of the body’s least clean areas. Organic waste is the by-product of gland secretions and natural regeneration of the skin cells. When this waste is not regularly cleaned, it can cause the prevention of normal hair re-growth mentioned earlier, as well as the odour, which typifies seborrhea and other hygiene problems.

Our Head First Program serves to revitalize and regulate not only the deeper layer of skin, but the biological functions of hair and its life sources, in addition to removing and normalizing sebaceous secretions.

What is a Hair Hygienist?

hair hygienistA Hair Hygienist is a person who has been thoroughly trained by a Specialist Térapo Médik and Rene Furterer educational program, has expertise in the proper hygiene of scalp and hair, and is duly certified in the application of the Head First Treatment Program.

After receiving guidance form one of our Trichologists a hygienist will skillfully perform in clinic treatments that will restore the health and strength of your hair and scalp.

Don’t delay, take your scalp health into your hands and make an appointment for a private consultation with a Truly You Trichologist Book a Consultation