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This program is based on the science of Trichology

Our specialists will create your 3-step personalized treatment plan just for you

Hair Loss Prevention

Head First combines cabin treatments, laser therapy and home treatments.

Finest Hair Pieces

A non-surgical hair replacement program ideal to achieve the right amount of enhancement.

Wigs and Head Coverings

Our Comfort program brings together scalp treatments, hair prosthesis and peace of mind.

Hair Transplantation

This Micro-Follicular procedure features an all-inclusive 5 step program to support you.

3D Printed hair from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories

Truly You is thrilled to offer the latest technology in hair replacement, unlike anything available on the market today. The CNC 3D Printed Hair System is a nonsurgical hair loss solution from Italian company Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories.


  • "…losing my hair was the hardest part of being diagnosed. I’m glad I got my wig from a centre that really listens and cares.

    Nabhitha B - Caledon


  • "I’ve had psoriasis on my scalp for years. Nothing worked until I started all natural treatments at Capilia Truly You.

    David S - Georgetown, ON


  • "Truly You guided me every step of the way with my hair transplant. I can’t believe how natural the result is!

    Sharon G - Oakville


  • "I finally feel like people are focusing on me, and not my thinning hair. Thank you Truly You.

    Dorota B - Toronto

Truly You offers hair loss treatments in Mississauga

If you were to ask a person that has thinning or balding hair if they would like to have a full head of healthy hair the answer will undoubtedly be a resounding, “Yes!”. Thinning and balding hair is one of the most frustrating and embarrassing things that many men and women have to deal with in their social lives. Having thinning or balding hair can severely damage a persons confidence, self-esteem and their social standing. If you live in Mississauga, our hair therapy clinic is exactly what you need. Truly You is a Mississauga hair loss treatments clinic that has been working with clients all over the country for nearly twenty years. We have helped thousands of men and women regain some of their youth by offering them hair regeneration treatments. Our Mississauga hair loss treatments clinic is one of the most trusted and sought-after clinics in the area because we simply get results. At Truly You, you will find the best hair loss treatments in Mississauga. Our hair loss treatments clinic is renowned all over Ontario for our professional work in the hair loss medical field.

Truly You is a hair therapy treatment clinic in the Etobicoke area

Many people from all over the country come to our hair loss treatments clinic in the Etobicoke area. Truly You is also known as a well-known and trusted hair regeneration clinic in the Etobicoke area because of our nearly two decade reign at the top of the hair loss treatment medical field. You will get the results that you are looking for with Truly You. Our hair therapy treatment clinic Etobicoke has a friendly and discrete staff that is more than willing to sit down with you one-on-one and do a free consultation to determine your exact hair regeneration needs. Truly You offers some many different options to help treat your hair loss that you have no reason to wait any longer. There are surgical, non-surgical and accessory-related hair loss treatments that can help you regain your former self. All you have to do is call Truly You today to set up an appointment. We really do want to help you. All you have to do is want to help yourself. Contact Truly You right now!

Truly You Offers Hair Loss Treatments In Mississauga

Have you been looking for a company that offers hair loss treatments in Mississauga? Our hair loss treatments clinic has been working with women, men and children for over 20 years to help them with their hair loss situations. There is no doubt that you have a questions about hair loss if you are visiting our site and we are here to help provide answers to all of your questions. Our team is composed of some of the most highly trained staff in our industry. Our staff has a great deal of experience with hair regeneration treatment at our Mississauga area clinic.

Stunning Statistics About Hair Loss

Nearly 4 out of 5 men and 1 our of 4 women will deal with hair thinning or loss by the age of 60 and many of us will deal with it at a much earlier age. Our staff is highly methodical about hair loss and we will go through your medical records and do a plethora of tests after your initial consultation with us to help you determine the root cause of your hair loss. There are many patients that visit us already knowing that medical procedures from treatments like chemotherapy or radiation have affected their hair and we have solutions to your needs as well. Our Mississauga hair therapy clinic is exactly what you have been searching for so please contact us today to learn all about our services.

Do You Need A Hair Loss Treatments Clinic In The Etobicoke Area

Truly You is hair loss treatments clinic in Etobicoke that has been serving the people of our area for over 20 years. If you are worried that you may have thinning hair there are early detection signs that aren’t typically visible to the naked eye. Our hair restoration clinic in Etobicoke can do extensive tests of your scalp to determine if you are going to experience hair thinning or loss and then take measures to ensure that you don’t. Early detection is a key to preventing hair loss and we offer a great variety of hair therapy treatment at our clinic. In Etobicoke, our staff utilizes some of the most state-of-the-art techniques and technology to ensure that all of our clients get hair loss solutions. Please contact us today to learn all about our clinic and how you can sign up for a consultation.

Wigs For Cancer Patients in Mississauga

With over 20 years of experience in the hair loss industry, Truly You is one of the best places to find wigs for cancer patients in Mississauga. You can trust our staff with all of your personal hair loss needs and rest assured that you are in the best and most experienced hands.

Synthetic Wigs in Mississauga

You don’t have to feel alone when trying to find the right synthetic wig. Our Mississauga clinic has an extensive line of synthetic wigs that were manufactured by some of the best companies from the finest materials that you will find. Don’t settle for hairpieces that just do not look real. Get the best and most realistic wigs in Mississauga at Truly You.

Human Hair Blend Wigs in Mississauga

We want to help you find the hair products that are right for you. The human hair blend wigs in our Mississauga clinic are specifically made for our clients and are of the finest quality in our industry. You can trust all of the name brand lines that we carry. Come by for a consultation and fitting today.

Human Hair Wigs in Mississauga

If you have concerns about the quality of the wigs from our clinic we can assure you that all of the human hair wigs from our Mississauga clinic are the highest quality that you will find. All of our hair product lines are from the most reputable companies in our industry.

Kids Wigs in Mississauga

We always take your child’s extracurricular activities and lifestyle into account when helping you choose a kids wig from our Mississauga clinic. Your child will be happy, confident and proud of their new look and you will love it as well. Don’t trust your child’s happiness to anyone but the best. Truly You will always put you and your child first.

Medical Wigs in Mississauga

Truly You caters to the hair loss needs of men, women and children from all over the country. We often deal with people that are dealing with hair loss from battles with cancer, hair follicle disease and Alopecia. We offer some of the most diverse styles of medical wigs in the Mississauga area.

Wigs For Cancer Patients Etobicoke

You will be able to find the best selection of wigs for cancer patients in Etobicoke at Truly You. Your first consultation will help us determine the proper path to hair recovery that we can offer you, as you will always get our most honest and expert opinion on your individual situation.

Synthetic Wigs Etobicoke

Truly You offers one of the most extensive lines of synthetic wigs in Etobicoke and the surrounding areas. We have heat resistant synthetic wigs that you can flat iron, blow dry and so much more. They are specially made just for you.

Human Hair Blend Wigs Etobicoke

If you are looking for human hair blend wigs in the Etobicoke area, at Truly You you will be able to find one of the most extensive selections of wigs in the industry. Human hair blend wigs are an alternative to full human hair wigs and come in a wide variety of styles, cuts and colors.

Human Hair Wigs Etobicoke

If you would rather pay a little more, but have a full human hair wig, our Etobicoke area clinic is the perfect place to start looking. We have human hair wigs that can be cut, dyed and styled into the exact look that you desire. They will are typically more expensive than their synthetic and blended counterparts, but they make the more realistic styles of hairpieces available.

Kids Wigs Etobicoke

Children that are suffering from hair loss due to Alopecia or medical procedures, such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments are very special to us. Truly You was started over 20 years ago to help provide hair solutions to men, women and children that were suffering from hair loss due to cancer or other diseases. You can find one of the most extensive lines of kids wigs in Etobicoke at Truly You.

Medical Wigs Etobicoke

Over 2 decades of experience in the hair loss and hair restoration industry has given Truly You insight into what matters the most for people that have lost their hair due to medical procedures and treatments. They want to go back to the way they were before they lost all their hair. They want to look and feel normal again. Our company offers some of the most beautifully designed synthetic and human hair medical wigs in the Etobicoke to help people regain their confidence.

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